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About Us

3pt League launched January of 2022 for players that shoot well under pressure! It's

a league where players ages 15 and up, go head to head with one another and showcase their shooting skills.


We hold exciting tournaments for high school students, college students, amateurs and 3pt League Pros in multiple states weekly.


Winners from tournaments will then compete in a championship game in three divisions. The prizes start small and will get greater as 3pt league grows but no prizes will be awarded to college or high school players.



We  created a league for all shooters to compete against one another, without regard to being male or female - whether young or old...anyone has a shot. Our competitive environment have players demonstrating their skills, improving upon them, and most importantly enjoy themselves.  


3pt league will be the ultimate destination for digital basketball cards. We are providing collectors and investors with the opportunity to earn while owning their favorite 3pt League myplayer cards or team. 

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