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Ready to prove your shooting skills and earn cash ?

With our next level concept of connecting our cards directly to our players, a whole new level of playing, collecting and trading has been unlocked!

Start your career. Generate your card. Build your brand.

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How to Play

35 balls will be divided evenly on 7 racks worth three & six points.


Players will battle head to head against a clock with 90 seconds counting down. Each player with the highest score advance to the next round.


Highest score player of 1st, 2nd & 3rd  rounds battles  for leap seat.


All the players to advance to the fifth round will battle. The player with the highest score will be our winner.


At 3pt League, we offer players the option to get sponsored. If you win a prize while being supported, your sponsor will have the opportunity to receive up to 50% of the prize winnings in our amateur tournaments.

Sponsors can only sponsor up to three players per tournament, so every player who registers is not guaranteed to have sponsorship. We will notify a player within 48 hours if they have backing.

You can also compete without sponsorship, but regardless of your decision, you can showcase your skills and compete against other talented players.

Register today and take the first steps towards becoming a 3-point legend!

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